Wisdom comes from everywhere.

The cards are divided into four groups: Flora + Fauna, Soma, Elementals, and The Others.

Flora + Fauna bring forth the energies and teachings of plants and animals, each pair brought together because they carry complimentary or supportive medicine.

Soma remind us to pay great attention to the messages from our bodies, trusting that our physical form is an essential channel through which information is offered to us.

The Elementals are the energetic forces that surround and innervate us—the wind, fire, water, and more. But included here also are ancient and loving ancestors; ancestors who are always around us, offerings teachings and reminders if we are careful to listen and respect their wisdom.

And the Others… The Others are who we easily disconnect from, and consider ‘wrong’ or unnatural in our world. We cannot trust in our own perfection or the perfection of our path if we are still resisting these energies, so these may be some of our strongest (and most strongly resisted) teachers.

How to read the cards

The accompanying guidebook offers options for how to work with your deck, and how to support and enhance the relationship you will form with the cards. As with most Oracle decks, the cards may be used as a single draw for daily reflection, or in various multiple draw formations for more complex readings.